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New Foreign Shikihime!!!

[Notice] 2014/06/03 - 02:30

Dear players,

After releasing Chinese ornaments last week, now we guess your garden should be ready for 2 brand new Chinese Shikihime: Sonrei & Seitentaisei! Both are powerful Spear fighters for your battle team.

Seitentaisei is a Shikihime of Foreign rare and can be obtained only from Foreign Summon.

While Sonrei belongs to Foreign Rare race and owns better stats and ability.

You can have Sonrei from Gold Summon. And with the update of Skill system earlier, Sonrei will become more powerful with her default random skill.

Or if you prefer the Unity method, you can also get Sonrei by uniting 2 Seitentaisei cards. But you will not get the random skill this way.

Besides, [Brush of Seitentaisei] and [Brush of Sonrei] have been made available at [Shop] to help you raise Element Cap of these new Shikihime.

Best regards,

Shikihime Garden Team

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