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Big Update for 3 weeks in a row!

[Notice] 2014/05/26 - 03:00

Dear players,

We are delighted to announce a BIG UPDATE for the upcoming 3 weeks in our beautiful world of Shikihime Garden!

Big Update 1: Skill system and new race of Shikihime

Date: May 27
A Skill system will be implemented to enhance the ability of your Shikihime! By using a Skill Book on a Shikihime card, you can let her learn a special skill that can be triggered in combat at a certain rate.
For example, skill [Preemptive Strike] can let your Shikihime attack first and ignore Agility of the enemy.

Moreover, a Shikihime can learn up to 2 skills at the same time, and most skills can be leveled up to give out better effects.

Besides, a brand new Shikihime race called Superior Extremely Rare will be added to Shikihime roster. They are elite Shikihime owning super high stats and can be obtained from Gold Summon.

Big Update 2: Stronger Shikihime!!!

Date: June 3

Earlier only Basic Shikihime can have +1 versions via [Rank Up] that have better stats from their original ones. But in this week's update, all other Shikihime will be able to have their +1 versions as well!
+1 Shikihime have their levels capped at 15 and higher Element Caps, that make them powerful units for your battle team.

With these stronger cards, you can even enhance their fighting ability much more by adding special skills! For the list of current skills, you can check this page.

Big Update 3: Farming!!!

Date: June 10

Your beautiful garden now will be expanded with a neat farm field for planting and harvesting.
For this feature, you need [Manure] and [Seed] to plant on the farm field.
Manure and Seeds will increase gradually when you visit your farm every day.

Or you can also collect manure from subjugation battles.

You can check more details of farming feature at this page.

Please note that there will be other updates as well to bring you better playing experience. So stay tuned for Shikihime Garden development!

We are grateful to your active participation in the game and hope for your continuous support.

Best regards,

Shikihime Garden Team

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